Vista CLaim

VistaClaim is developing next generation technology designed to reinvent the insurance claims process.

From end-user mobile applications to full service vendor management to complete claims management, VistaClaim does it all. VistaClaim Instant is a one of a kind mobile solution that allows you to dispatch your claim file directly to the insured via their smartphone or tablet and can be private labeled to promote YOUR organization specific branding. The most user friendly app on the marketplace today, guides the vehicle owner step by step to ensure perfect photos every time. Our Picture Perfect Silhouette helps ensure the vehicle owner is taking their photographs at the correct distance and angle for proper viewing.

VistaClaim Instant works within your current workflow and is customizable to handle as much or as little work as you choose. The photographs can be sent directly back to YOUR staff appraisers to complete estimates in-house or can be written by the qualified staff appraisers at VistaClaim and receive your estimate within hours versus days.


Dispatch Mobile App directly to the Insured to immediately start the photograph capturing process


If additional inspection is needed by an expert appraiser, assignment can be reassigned to Nationwide Appraisals for additional inspection


Reduce claim cycle times from days to hours


Once Insured has taken photographs, work product is emailed and uploaded directly to the assigned adjuster and/or VistaClaim for immediate processing

One Stop Service Solution

Ability to manage all claims from start to finish. Control as much or as little of the Claims Process as you choose.

Full Mobile Application

Application is completely mobile on both IPhone and Android platforms.

Shorten Claim Cycle

With the ability to dispatch the mobile app directly to the consumer, you can accelerate the claim process and improve customer satisfaction.

Private Labeled

Private label the application to help build brand awareness for your company.

Monthly Updates to App

VistaClaim takes enhancement requests directly from clients and release small updates monthly, with major enhancements every three months.